About Us

About GFCC


Georgina Feral Cat Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers whose goal is to work with the community to address the feral cat issue in the Town of Georgina. In summer of 2017, we received support for the volunteer work we do by Georgina Town Council and we work under the auspices of Paws of Georgina.

Evidence supports the best way of addressing the feral cat issue is to adopt a TNR program. 

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Return. Volunteers work with the community to trap the feral cats, get them spayed or neutered (and vaccinated!), and then return them to their colony where they are cared for by a colony caretaker. During the spay/neuter surgery, one of the cat's ears gets "tipped" to identify them as spayed or neutered. 

TNR has been practiced around the world for years and is proven to stop the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction. Simply removing the cats and killing them leaves a void. They will ultimately be replaced with more feral cats. 

Once spayed and neutered, feral cats no longer exhibit many of the problematic behaviours that are often associated with feral cat colonies - particularly fighting, yowling and spraying.

Some of our generous partners and supporters


  • AVA Action Volunteers
  • Auntie M's Closet
  • Dr. Patel and Aurora North Pet Clinic
  • Barrie Street Cats
  • Cakes by Jez
  • Community Cats Toronto
  • Diabetic Cats In Need
  • E copy n print
  • Forrest Jones
  • Georgina Animal Control
  • Giant Tiger, Sutton
  • HerandHerdogs.com 
  • Paws of Georgina
  • Paws Up Rescue Resource
  • ​Pet Valu, Keswick & East Gwillimbury
  • Ninth Life Cat Rescue
  • North Toronto Cat Rescue
  • Port Colborne Feline Initiative
  • Rescue Angels
  • Shirley Baxter
  • Cathy Kobold & the South Shore Vet Clinic
  • Shades of Hope Wildlife Rescue
  • Team Cat Rescue
  • Zehr's, Keswick

2018 in Review


  • 200 - number of cats we've had spayed or neutered
  • 80 - number of cats we've rehomed
  • More than $40,000 spent on vet care
  • We also received a Volunteer Award of Merit from the Town of Georgina in November, in recognition of our community contribution.
  • Supporters have also donated hundreds of pounds of food and litter – for the care of our cats and kittens in foster.
  • Volunteers have attended dozens of events, from yard sales to community events, bbqs and adoptathons, promoting our work and encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets.

Where your donation goes


  • We are 100% volunteer driven

  • We receive no financial assistance from the government

  • We are funded entirely by private donations

  • All of the money raised goes to the expenses of the cats in our rescue (vast majority is vet bills)

  • Volunteers take no salaries